The Initiative

Hello and welcome to the central hub of the CyberActiv Production initiative for the SCII World Championship Series hosted by Blizzard. CyberActiv was tasked by Blizzard to rally up Canada’s grass roots events and share the Canadian Finals spots in a fair and enjoyable way for our fellow Canadians. As part of CyberActiv’s mission, we gladly accepted to help bolster the Canadian eSports scene and make this a fantastic experience for everybody involved. We believe that we came up with a plan that should be fair for everybody.

There will be 2 online and 3 offline LAN events for gamers to qualify at. These 5 tournaments will give between 1 and 2 spots to the winners and will give the top non-qualifying players a second chance at the final, CyberActiv-run, Online Qualifiers for the final 2 spots. Details for this tournament will be available at a later date. These spots, come with a fully paid travel and lodging for the qualified players! Of course, qualified players must be Canadian citizens.

We Hope that our fellow Canadian gamers will appreciate the initiative!

Charles, Chief of eSports Operations @ CyberActiv Productions

The CyberActiv Second Chance Qualifier

Next Sunday at 1 PM EDT will mark the final tournament of the initiative. This tournament will pit Canada’s 6 closest-to-qualify players. These players were so close to winning their qualifying spots but sadly didn’t manage to do it. These 6 players will fight against each other in 2 phases :

  1. Pool play : All 6 will fight each other in Best of 3 series. The top 4 will qualify for phase 2.
  2. Spots : According to their ranking in phase 1, the top 4 will remain and will fight for the 2 last spots. #1 will fight #4 and #2 will fight against #3. These 2 series will be Best of 5s. The winner of those series will each earn themselves a spot into the Canadian finals!

To make this a completely cross-country experience, i’m trying to reach out to all the community casters through the country to give all of them a chance to be heard! The objective is to unify the scene and give a huge family feeling. If you haven’t been contacted by me specifically for this and you are a caster, contact me here by PM, on twitter at @CDesaulniers, by skype at charlesdesaulniers or by email at [email protected]

All in all, this tournament should be enjoyable to watch for everybody and i hope that everyone has fun. After all, it should be pretty high level. Here are the players :

  • -NMxFaggle
  • -OGBuzzbin
  • -colRyze
  • -vVvHasuu
  • -KsChacal
  • -iMpMagic


  • May 11
  • 1 Spot
  • Online
  • Quebec Community


  • May 11-13
  • 2 Spots
  • LAN – BYOC
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba
LgNKane & xOZergling 

Interceptor Gr.

  • May 19
  • 1 Spot
  • LAN – Free
  • Toronto, Ontario

Team KS

  • May 20
  • 1 Spot
  • Online
  • Multi-Gaming Club


  • May 27
  • 1 Spot
  • LAN – 20$
  • Quebec City

Sponsors & Service Partners

Want to sponsor the initiative or the CyberActiv-run tournament? Email [email protected] today!

Want to sponsor the initiative or the CyberActiv-run tournament? Email [email protected] today!

Think you can provide the initiative with services or want to be a partner? Email [email protected] right now!

Announcing the SC2WCS Canadian Initiative western extension!

13 Jun 2012 Comments
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CyberActiv is proud to extend the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series Canadian initiative with a late addition! Blizzard was kind enough to provide CyberActiv an additionnal slot for our friends out west. In the last 2 months, we did our best to get a very last spot for the finals(yes, last, we promise!) for the western part of Canada.

It is with great pleasure that CyberActiv announces that LANcouver has been selected as an official qualifier for the WCS Canadian qualifier. Next June 29 will be the biggest LAN in Vancouver for a while and we felt that they would do an awesome job and we know that they will have a stacked tournament that will prove to the rest of Canada that western starcraft 2 players belong in the Canadian pro scene! This is the best opportunity that BC-based gamers will have to qualify for the WCS Canadian finals in Toronto. Once again, included in the prize is also travel and lodging, offered by Blizzard!

We can’t wait to see the brackets and players that will participate! We keep hearing that there is so many great players out west and we know that all you need is a chance! Despite having a great showing at the CyberActiv Second Chance qualifier, maybe vVvHasuu will win himself a spot? Maybe a relatively unknown player will earn himself his cinderala’s story.

So if you are a local BC player and want to take your shot, head over to and get your tickets as soon as possible because June 29 is coming and places are limited!

Attero wins the WCS Canadian Qualifier!

12 May 2012 Comments

Tonight was holding the first tournament of the WCS Canadian initiative. With a total of 98 participants from all over the country, they managed to run a perfectly smooth tournament and were able to crown the first CyberActiv Qualified player.

Through a a series of very early upsets including ECdesrow, AlexCMoi and colRyze, 4 players made it to the Ro4. While NrGAvOiD made a very nice run through the first stages of the tournament, Attero made quick work of him to move on the finals. On the other end of the bracket was the dark horse of the tournament, NMxFGL, which managed to come back, suffering from a 0-2 versus FXOpTiKzErO to take the series 3-2.

The 2 remaining Protoss players duked it out, ending in a very interesting phoenix build by Attero, which clenched the series 3-1! Congratulations to him! By winning the tournament, he secures himself travel and lodging fully paid by Blizzard to the Canadian Finals of the World Championship Series. NMxFGL’s run doesn’t stop there though! By Finishing second, he wins himself a seed spot to the final stage of our final tournament, in which 2 more Finals spots will be given out!

CyberActiv Productions Inc would like to thank everyone involved :

  • The StarCraft 2 Quebec Community for holding the tournament, especially Charles ‘Monx’ de Grandmaison, Gabriel ‘Dero’ Gauthier-Andersen and Benoit ‘PMiND’ Renaud for administering it!
  • KsKadium and Dolmyr for holding the French Stream and Pixie for holding the English Stream by himself! You managed it all like bouses!

Now that this tournament is ended, make sure to follow BaseLAN all weekend long on their site and their stream as well as their Twitter as they will be giving away the next 2 spots!

Announcing the SC2:WCS Canadian Qualifiers Initiative

05 May 2012 Comments

The announcement we are making today is nothing short of fascinating. CyberActiv Productions Inc. through our growing relationships with the internationnal eSports scene, secured a deal to organize qualification tournaments for the Canadian National Finals of the Blizzard’s very own StarCraft2 World Championship. The Canadian Qualifiers will select the 8 strongest players to compete at the Nationals alongside invited stars. All 8 qualifiers will have their travel and lodging to the finals paid for by Blizzard.

Many of us, passionate eSports fans and enthusiasts, at some point of time felt that there is “not enough Love for Canada” from the international eSports scene. But we all know that the Canadian StarCraft2 community is very much alive, vibrant and dynamic. More and more people are attending eSports events throughout the country and at the same times Canadian events are getting bigger and better every month. CyberActiv Productions Inc. was always on the forefront of the eSports activities. For many years we created an array of fan-loved events in Quebec starting from LanETS, the biggest LAN party in Canada, 10 years ago, to record breaking and world renowned BarCraft Montreal, up to the Montreal edition of the Interceptor Group’s Main Stage Series:White-Ra, special tactics LIVE!.

The initiative we are announcing today will, without any doubt, change the Canadian eSports Community forever. In fact, we believe, that it will trigger the explosion in the growth of the community. It will bring together fans from coast to coast; it will entice partnerships between different organisations working in the field of eSports, and will give a boost to great Canadian players who are not yet known to many.

CyberActiv was honoured with the opportunity to manage qualification tournaments for the Canadian National Finals (the details will be announced by Blizzard in the nearest future) and select through fair and open competition 8 best players from throughout Canada to fight for the right to represent our great country at the North American Finals.

Tasked with this hard job CyberActiv didn’t waste a minute. We aligned a number of partnerships with organisations that have a great reputation in the world of eSports to take part in the initiative. There will be 6 Qualifiers, 3 online and 3 offline LAN events. Our partners are Winnipeg’s #1 BaseLAN 23, creators of the Mains Stage Series – Interceptor Group in Toronto, and prominent organiser of the LAN events in Quebec City – Skyzo Cup. These teams will be running the LAN events. Our partners for the online open qualifiers are the biggest Quebec SC2 community – SC2QC and much respectable multi-gaming club Team Killing Spree. The final on-line Qualifier will be hosted by CyberActiv and will conclude the qualification process.

You can find all the information you need on the central hub of the intiative. The hub countains links to existing communities and events leading up to the final, CyberActiv-run online event. Check it out:

Link to the StarCraft II : World Championship Series : Canadian Finals Qualifiers Initiative

 Here is a few statements from the parties involved :

“It is an honor to be working with Blizzard on a project of this scale. Blizzard needs to be thanked for such an opportunity for us, and the gamers across our huge country.  Beautiful things are bound to happen in the coming years in Canada and we will continue to provide gamers and fans alike with such great initiatives” - Charles, Chief of eSports Operations, CyberActiv Productions Inc.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership. Together AYBOnline, CyberActiv & Blizzard will bring Canadians closer to the global eSports community than ever before! 2012 will be the year of eSports; this is just the beginning!” - Ryan Carbotte, Operations & Community Director, AYBOnline/BaseLAN

“It is with great pleasure and honour to be working in collaboration with CyberActiv and Blizzard for this project. SC2QC has always been working toward the growth of the eSports scene in Quebec and we’re glad to contribute on a larger scale for the World Championship Series.  We want to thank the organizers for their mark of confidence toward us and hope this opportunity will show how we are passionate about this game and mostly about eSports.” - Charles de Grandmaison & Gabriel Gauthier-Anderson, Founders,

“Interceptor Group is very proud to be part of the Canadian Qualifiers for the Blizzard’s StarCraft2 World Championship Series. It is a historic moment for all eSports fans and enthusiasts in Canada and a great opportunity for all of us to show the world what we are made of. We are sure that the Toronto tournament will determine the best player to represent our city in the Finals and we wish luck to all players who are brave enough to compete in all of the qualifiers. Also I want to take this opportunity to congratulate CyberActiv Productions Inc. with this great honour and say thank you to them from all of us at the Interceptor Group for their never ending passion for eSports and their efforts to bring the community to the next level.” - Andrei Mazuruc, Co-Founder and President, Interceptor Group

“At The Skyzo LAN center of Quebec city, we are honored to be a part of the Canadian World Championship Series qualification program. We believe that electronic sport promotes a healthy social environment and enable players to evolve in a vibrant community. We are proud to promote video games competition and share this activity with all the Quebec eSport fans.” - Mathieu Morin, Founder,  Skyzo Cup

“The Team Killing Spree gaming club is proud to be associated with CyberActiv, Blizzard and all the other partners to hold this event, that, we hope, will contribute to the eSports growth in Canada and North America.” – Benoit Renaud, Founder, Team Killing Spree

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the future participant of the Qualifiers GL HF and invite everyone to the central hub for all of the news and events!

Remember to visit the hub often as news and to follow CyberActiv on Twitter and Facebook for constant updates!

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