BarCraft Montreal 2 – A CyberActiv Story

24 Nov 2011 Comments

Last Sunday, CyberActiv was proud to be part of what is now known as the world’s biggest BarCraft and world’s biggest spectator-only event in the eSports scene : BarCraft Montreal 2 – MLG Providence. All of us had a great time and we felt like telling you a story. The story behind what is now known as a legendary event.

Last Sunday, we started the day early. Some of us were there from as early as 9 am to setup everything. When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. Techni-Productions did a great job setting up the screens and the sound for all 3 rooms. That huge 1080p projector and big screen was a huge boon to the event and we are sure that the participants enjoyed the new setup quite a lot. All along the event, things went quite smoothly. On a brand new internet connection, we delivered a production that we believe to be excellent. MLG did a great job keeping their streams in shape and very few hiccups were felt by using advanced stream switching techniques. Thanks to CIPC for sponsoring the high-end streaming PCs!

On the social side of things, we covered all possible bases. From Reddit to Team Liquid up to social networks, CyberActiv delivered an online presence that could only be described as colossal. By using clever techniques we were sending pictures live from the showfloor in about 20 seconds after the photo was taken. Through Reddit we tried a new concept by making a live thread with pictures. Sadly that concept fell a bit through. Why? Because Charles was on fire. Not only did he try to maintain a very high standard on the community side of things but was delegated to managing the streams. He switched focus on making this event a prime production. Although he couldn’t manage to uphold his social function up to the standard he wanted.

But he didn’t fret! He also delegated his tasks to Jonathan, our Vice-President and IT Manager, and Jonathan Grenier, Charles’ friend and awesome photographer, to go around the place and kept tweeting live pics of how the event was unfolding. By the way, CyberActiv would like to thank Mr Grenier for coming and taking such awesome breathtaking pictures which can now be found amongst the official pictures of the the event @ flickr. His own personnal pics of the event can be found here.

On the business side of things, partners and sponsors we’re clearly pleased. Attendees we’re clearly enthused by the incredible number of prizes to be won! and Team EG we’re clearly the crowd favorites by giving a lot of swag and computer gear. By including EG’s partners, a lot of computer parts we’re given away including Video cards, Ram, SSD and the like. All those prizes we’re thrown at the attendies by Roch, our president and CEO, and Francois ‘icemouton‘ Wilhelmy. Francois, which awesome voice you could hear throughout the event, shouting advertisement, announcement and the likes. CyberActiv would like to thank him for coming over!

Additionally, we would like to thank Guillaume ‘LiThiuMElectro‘ Fafard for doing some awesome photoshop work expressly during the event and being part of the  production crew in general.

Obviously this event would be nothing without Marko. Without Marko’s guts and determination, BarCraft Montreal wouldn’t exist and CyberActiv would like to thank him for letting us make this now iconic pillar of Canada’s eSports scene even more awesome. And obviously Club1234 for accepting to host this awesome event. Thanks for having an open mind. And thanks to all of you guys for coming!

For eSports!

Charles Desaulniers is the eSports Director, Community Manager and blogger at CyberActiv and a founding member. He is involved in everything gaming, from BarCraft Montreal 1 up to the recent #2 and everything going forward into 2012 that is related to eSports. His passion, drive and innovation seem to have no bounds and he will be one of the leading actors in what is going to be the “explosion of eSports in Canada” in 2012. Hardcore gamer and social media affectionado, Charles has leading, planning and optimization skills which are essential assets for such events.

CyberActiv partners up with Agence de Cyberathlèthes TOP

18 Nov 2011 Comments

In a move to broaden CyberActiv’s presence into the local eSports scene, CyberActiv has decided to join forces with the Agence de cyberathlètes TOP to provide a better reach for both parties. CyberActiv will be supporting TOP’s offline and online community events, including local Quebec City LAN events like the Skyzo Cup and online-only events like the Quebec Starcraft 2 cup. On the other hand, TOP will be providing awareness to CyberActiv’s production capabilites and will help by providing presence in their next and ongoing events.

CyberActiv Production Inc is very pleased to create such a relationship with a strong company like TOP’s and is very hopeful that this partnership will be benefical to the local eSports industry and the foregoing eSports scene throughout eastern Canada for years to come.

ABOUT Skyzo Cup : This cup is a locally run StarCraft 2 tournament, ran at the Skyzo, in Quebec City. This competition is amongst the highest level of offline event in the province of Quebec and provides a way for a selecti few players to battle toward a top 3 shared prize pool. The next edition, #5, will feature 24 player spots and a 480$ prize pool. There is a 20$ suscription fee and will be held on January 21st 2012. Be wary that all documentation and the actual tournament will be held in french. Details HERE.

ABOUT Quebec Starcraft 2 Cup : This cup is a StarCraft 2 tournament that is held online and is a team-based competition. Featuring Quebec’s top 8 teams, this tournament is meant to settle the score on which team is the best once and for all. This tournament is based on the GSTL model which means that each team has to select 4 players that will fight each other until 1 team has defeated each of the opposite teams participant. In the end only 1 team remains and can be proud to be Quebec’s most proeminent team. For the moment, no official date has been set on when season 3 will start, but stay tuned HERE for news.

ABOUT CyberActiv Productions Inc : CyberActiv is a company that provide services toward event consultation, sponsorship and production. CyberActiv has one mission, which is to help develop a strong scene around digital culture, which is eSports, cultural events that pertain about Internet content and the digital arts. CyberActiv helps companies and events deliver on bigger and broader events throughout their entire lifecycle, from planning through post-production.

ABOUT Agence de cyberathlètes TOP : TOP was created to answer canadian cyberathletes’ needs for financial aid and coaching. The company is able to financially aid those youngsters who show a very high interest toward eSports. The first and foremost objective of creating such a company is to help those athletes succeeding internationnally.

Barcraft Montreal MLG Providence @ Club 1234

20 Oct 2011 Comments

On November 20th, Club 1234 in collaboration with and CIPC will present the largest Barcraft in North America. To accommodate the huge number of Starcraft 2 fans, Club 1234 will open 2 new rooms as well as a VIP room which should increase the Club’s capacity to 1200 party goers. CyberActiv will be present along with many sponsors to provide prizes and entertainment.

You can purchase your ticket for BarCraft Montreal 2 HERE
See you @ Barcraft Montreal!