ESWC tournament updates (Updated)

03 Jul 2014 Comments

Juste Dance 2014

World Games Event – Loto Québec (WGE) and Ubisoft are happy to announce that it will send a North American player to the World Finals at Paris Games Week. A Just Dance qualifier round will take place between July 12th and 17th during WGE at Desjardins Complex. The top 8 players will meet at Telus Theatre on July 18th in a 8 players, sudden death, stage match.
The grand winner will be issued a place at the ESWC Paris World Finals, flight and accommodations will be offered by ESWC and Ubisoft.

Call of Duty

Four teams have confirmed their participation at the Montreal, COD: Ghosts North American Qualifier.
• Team JusTus (USA)
• Team DeForeX (CA)
• Team Vicious & Delicious (CA)
• Boreal (Can)

The official casters for the Call of Duty: Ghosts tournament have also been chosen.
• Austin Pamajewon @Pamaj
• John “Revan” Boble @CrsRevan

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

After a slight readjustment, the final list of teams taking part in the 2014 ESWC North American qualifier is:
• Armata (CA) @ArmataGamingOrg
• Mobility-Gaming (CA) @MobilityGaming
• Boreal Gaming (CA) @BorealGaming
• Enervate Gaming (CA)
• Team Canada (CA)
• Clan Remember (CA)

The official CS:GO casters will be:
• Dustin “Dust” Mouret @dustmouret
• Alex “Vansilli” Nguyen @Vansilli

Plantronics at North American ESWC Qualifier

03 Jul 2014 Comments

Plantronics Gaming selected as official headset supplier of the ESWC North American qualifier.

ESWC, the World Games Event and CyberActiv are pleased to announce Plantronics Gaming as the Official Sponsor and Headset Supplier of the Electronic Sports World Cup North American qualifier (ESWC) that will take place in Montreal, Canada this July 18th and 19th.

Plantronics Gaming is already a loyal supporter of the gaming community and is reinforcing its commitment to the gamers of North America through this sponsorship. The ESWC qualifier will feature two main game tournaments; Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox One) and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC), which will feature such respected teams as compLexity and Team IBUYPOWER.

Mr. Roch Turgeon, CEO of CyberActiv Productions said: “Plantronics Gaming was my first pick, I love the products and the people. This is a company that truly understands gamers and has always been a steadfast supporter of the Gaming Community. We are very pleased to work with Plantronics once again”.

Plantronics is a global leader in performance audio for gaming. The uncompromising quality, the extraordinary level of sophistication of their technology and their ever innovating designs have made Plantronics products the favorite among gamers worldwide. For more information, please visit

North-American ESWC Qualifiers

21 Jun 2014 Comments

The Loto-Québec World Games Event and the ESWC, in collaboration with CyberActiv, are proud to announce the ESWC North American Qualifiers. The tournaments will take place at the Télus Theater, in Montreal on the 18th and 19th of July, and will be introduced as part of the Loto-Québec World Games Event, an event brought to you by the internationally acclaimed Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. From the 12th to the 26th of July, the festival attracts over 1.6 million visitors, in the heart of Montreal.

Two high profile tournaments will be on the agenda, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The Loto-Québec World Games Event will offer a slot to the winning teams for the ESWC Finals in Paris, as well as their travels accommodation. Also, the second ranking team for Counter-Strike will win tickets for the World Finals (accommodations not included).

4 teams are already confirmed for Counter-Strike:GO

  • Team compLexity (USA)
  • Team Exertus (USA)
  • Armata (Canada)

    Thank you Charles and farewell.

    20 Jun 2014 Comments

    The news has hit us like a shock wave earlier this week and it is with a heavy heart that the management of CyberActiv productions Inc. announces today that it has reluctantly accepted the resignation of Mr. Charles Desaulniers from his post as Vice-President and eSports Manager. Mr. Desaulniers had joined CyberActiv in its early days and was instrumental in the creation of BarCraft Montreal, the largest BarCraft event in the world.

    Mr. Desaulniers has cited personal reasons and the desire to pursue other projects as the motivation for his departure. Mr. Roch Turgeon, CyberActiv CEO, expressed his thanks to Mr. Desaulniers and said: “Charles Desaulniers has been a true friend, losing him is like losing a member of the family. Charles has always had a deep emotional attachment to the gaming community, he would always push to grow the community even if it meant doing it for free, this is the level of dedication that characterizes him. People like him are a rare and I feel fortunate to have had the chance to work with him. He will be missed as CyberActiv enters a new phase of its development. I wish him the best of luck in his new projects and want him to remember that he will always be a friend of CyberActiv just like he is a friend of the entire gaming community.”

    Mr. Desaulniers will leave his post officially on June 20th, 2014 and Mr. Turgeon is yet to indicate if his position will be filled in the near future or not.

    ESWC- NA Final in Montreal in 2014

    15 May 2014 Comments

    The Loto-Québec World Games Event and CyberActiv announce the North American ESWC finals in Montral, Canada. the event will take place on July 18th to 19th, 2014 at Théâtre Telus (1280 St-Denis, Montreal). The winners of the Montreal Finals will get an all expenses paid trip to Paris, France to compete at the ESWC World Finals which takes place during Paris Games Week  next October.

    The official tournaments and the qualification procedures will be announced later this month.

    About Loto-Quebec World Games Event (WGE)

    The World Games Event (Mondial des Jeux in french) is a new game festival where visitors will discover the universe of gaming through free activities. Professional teams of game masters will take you on a trip through the universes of tabletop, card games and video games.

    About CyberActiv Productions Inc.

    CyberActiv Productions Inc. is a company that provides services related to the management of live video game events and especially of e-sports events. Consultation, equipments, operations, marketing and production of turnkey events are some of the services offered by CyberActiv.

    About ESWC

    The Electronic Sports World Cup is a worldwide competition of video games, starting locally with national qualifying, to end with a World Final gathering all the cyberathletes and designed as a live show. Created in 2003, ESWC is part and pioneer of the electronic sports international movement.