Thank you Charles and farewell.

20 Jun 2014 Comments

The news has hit us like a shock wave earlier this week and it is with a heavy heart that the management of CyberActiv productions Inc. announces today that it has reluctantly accepted the resignation of Mr. Charles Desaulniers from his post as Vice-President and eSports Manager. Mr. Desaulniers had joined CyberActiv in its early days and was instrumental in the creation of BarCraft Montreal, the largest BarCraft event in the world.

Mr. Desaulniers has cited personal reasons and the desire to pursue other projects as the motivation for his departure. Mr. Roch Turgeon, CyberActiv CEO, expressed his thanks to Mr. Desaulniers and said: “Charles Desaulniers has been a true friend, losing him is like losing a member of the family. Charles has always had a deep emotional attachment to the gaming community, he would always push to grow the community even if it meant doing it for free, this is the level of dedication that characterizes him. People like him are a rare and I feel fortunate to have had the chance to work with him. He will be missed as CyberActiv enters a new phase of its development. I wish him the best of luck in his new projects and want him to remember that he will always be a friend of CyberActiv just like he is a friend of the entire gaming community.”

Mr. Desaulniers will leave his post officially on June 20th, 2014 and Mr. Turgeon is yet to indicate if his position will be filled in the near future or not.

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