From LANniversary to Fun LAN, iWeb is increasing its presence in the e-Sports community.

02 Apr 2014 Comments

Far is the time when e-sports was held at arms length by volunteers and LAN parties were held in church basement. Around the world the industry of eSports is growing and the support of business partners becomes essential. The situation is even better when it is a Montreal company that takes the initiative to create  a brand new event for the benefit of the entire community. This is the case of iWeb Technologies Inc. who not only sponsors event such as Lan ETS but also produces its own events like the NADEO LANniversary and now the first “WAN Party” of the metropolis, The iWeb Fun LAN, which will take place on April 5th, 2014.

LANniversary world champion, Carl-Antoni

On November 14, 2013, iWeb, in collaboration with NADEO and CyberActiv, celebrated the tenth anniversary of  the game TrackMania and, at the same time, took the opportunity to Celebrate the TrackMania World Champion title earned by Carl Antoni Cloutier during the ESWC  World Finals in Paris in 2013. The CyberActiv team joined in the celebration by ensuring a live video streaming production (webcast) of the event. The entertainment was provided by Vincent Dore-Millet and Kevin Pinard.

Fun LAN, first WAN party

Although the majority of video game tournaments happen either online or completely offline in what is called a LAN party, the iWeb event is a hybrid we agreed to call a WAN party. WAN stands for “Wide Area Network” another name we can give to the Internet. Twenty players will be in the offices of iWeb on Nun’s Island while the majority of players will take part from home, rendering the event more accessible to a greater number of players.

Counter-Strike and TrackMania

The iWeb Fun LAN tournaments are free, competitors can register on the web page of the official page  The Counter-Strike tournament will begin on Saturday at noon while the TrackMania tournament will take place on Sunday.

As its name suggests, the Fun LAN focuses on fun instead of competitiveness. This will allow the Fun LAN to have a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere when compared to other eSports events.


All eSports enthusiasts are invited to participate free of charge to Fun LAN or to watch the progress on the event on the official Multijoueur Twitch Channel. The Webcast will begin on Saturday, April 5 at 1 p.m. and end around 2:00 p.m.  on Sunday.

About iWeb 

iWeb, an Internap Company that provides reliable and scalable Internet hosting infrastructure solutions with its dedicated servers , managed hosting and colocation services. The cloud service allows more than 10,000 customers in over 150 countries to deploy web technologies and create innovations in line for the future. Since 1996, iWeb, based in Montreal, has been ranked among the best suppliers in the world in terms of Internet infrastructure and is among the fastest growing companies in Canada. Its reputation is based on the performance and reliability of its products. The iWeb network continues to rank among the most reliable in the world, according to the company Netcraft independent Internet survey. For more information, visit .

About Multijoueur

Multijoueur is a french news agency that specializes on reporting news from the world of video gaming and e-sports. The passion of its journalistic team and the quality of its articles makes Multijoueur a must read publication for anyone who wishes to stay up to date on the evolution of the fabulous world of video games.

About CyberActiv

CyberActiv Productions Inc. is a company that provides services related to the management of live video game events and especially of e-sports events. Consultation, equipments, operations, marketing and production of turnkey events are some of the services offered by CyberActiv.

More info about the iWeb Fun LAN can be found here

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