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Kevin Sorenson joins CyberActiv; Brings along the Great Northern SC2 tournament!

22 Jun 2013 Comments
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As many members of the Starcraft community would agree, there is a lack of tournaments occurring on a local level throughout North America and especially in Canada. To discover local talent, the journey from amateur to professional player needs to be made in several small steps rather than in an all-or-nothing leap. It follows that in order to grow the eSports scene, there is a need for organizers to create smaller tournaments and viewing events so that we they may reach a larger audience and to also encourage more players to make this journey. This has always been and will always be CyberActiv’s primary objective.

With this in mind, CyberActiv is overjoyed to announce that we have added another member to our staff. Without further ado, we are pleased to welcome Kevin Sorenson. He has proven himself to be a driving force in the evolution of Canadian eSports, and we couldn’t be happier to have his talents as Head Online Tournament Organizer.

Like many others, Kevin is dissatisfied with the current eSports scene. He has taken it upon himself to make a positive change by hosting and creating his tournament. This man has made himself into a local hero in Vancouver as well as in the online realm. In just a few short weeks, he has organized his own online tournament that is quickly gathering the attention of high-caliber players and casters in the Starcraft community – the Great Northern Monthly Starcraft 2 Tournament. The tournament had over 1200 concurrent viewers for its first broadcast. Best of all, he created and managed the entire tournament on his own – from advertising to bracket organization and everything in between.

It is this spirit of entrepreneurship and dedication that we admire. The addition of Kevin to our team will help to invigorate all of us in our eSports goals. This kind of dedication is hard to come by, and if we wish to see eSports gain traction on a bigger scale, we should all follow Kevin’s example. We can confidently say that the future of eSports looks brighter with people like Kevin in the scene.

If you haven’t already heard of the Great Northern Starcraft 2 Tournament, you can check it out here: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=414589

Also, the next tournament is currently live! Watch it here! http://www.twitch.tv/greatnorthernsc2

LoL-QAT : Tournament Spotlight – QcLoL.net QcHebdo Open

09 Feb 2013 Comments
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Version Francaise ci-bas

Hello Quebec!

We are about to enter stage 1 of the LoL-QAT tournament structure. We are pleased to announce the QcLoL.net QcHebdo open! This tournament will take place on this Sunday, Feb 10th. This is an online tournament that’s open to the public. We will have a select number of games casted professionally in both French and English. The top two teams of this online qualifier will earn prizes as well as automatic qualification for the LoL-QAT Grand Finals tournament in March.

Now for the fun part – the prizes. Here’s what you and your team will be getting if you win:

  • 1st place: $20 RP + Triumphant Ryze (tournament-only skin) per player + LoL-QAT spot
  • 2nd place: $15 RP per player (75$ total) + LoL-QAT spot
  • 3rd place: $10 RP per player (50$ total)
  • 4th place: $5 RP per player (25$ total)

As a reminder, LoL-QAT is an initiative to bring gamers together and to determine who is Quebec’s ultime LoL team. There are four qualifying tournaments: the top two teams from each of these tournaments automatically qualify for LoL-QAT. The very best of the best will be at LoL-QAT, to fight for glory.

If you love gaming, tune in to the QCLoL.net Open and watch live, high-level play and be present for the evolution of Canadian eSports. To get ready to watch the broadcast, make sure to subscribe to CyberActiv’s Twitch HERE. We’ll see you there.


Announcing League of Legends – Quebec Attack AKA LoL-QAT

30 Jan 2013 Comments
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Version Francaise ci-bas

Hello Quebec! The next few months are going to be a very exciting time for Quebec eSports’ scene. The search for the ultimate Quebec League of Legends Team is over! CyberActiv is proud to announce it’s first step into international-grade tournaments with our latest initiative,  League of Legends – Quebec Attack AKA LOL-QAT!

LoL-QAT(pronounced like the ever awesome LOLCAT) is a competitive initiative designed to promote eSports and community within Quebec. What’s exciting about LoL-QAT is that the tournament will not be constrained to just one weekend.We have partnered with Quebec’s 4 most known tournaments of the next 2 months to serve as qualifying events. Through this system we will be able to ensure that the very tip-top, creme-de-la-creme, 8 teams that Quebec’s eSports scene has to offer compete in the LOL-QAT Winter 2013 Grand Finals. We will make sure that the finals are the best show Quebec has to offer, if not even Canada. More details on them soon.

So you want to qualify for the finals? Simple. We’ve made sure that all of you have the best chances and have at least 2 occasions to qualify. Here’s the rundown :

  • The QcLoL.net QCHebdo Open is an online tournament that will be held on February 10th, with at least 15 teams. Head over to http://qclol.net for all the details!
  • V-LAN is also partnered up with us at CyberActiv. It will be held in Victoriaville on February 15-17th. With 20+ teams and more than $2000 in prizes,  it is Canada’s 2nd biggest LoL event and it can’t be missed, be it for fun or top level competition. For all the details check the Facebook event HERE or like the PAGE for later events.
  • Who hasn’t heard of the one and only Lan ETS? On March 1-2-3, Canada’s and North America’s east coast biggest LAN of the year will take place. This year, around 1000 gamers will be battling their way through the many tournaments and 250+ of these only in League of Legends. Prepare for one hell of a competition , this is clearly something you don’t want to miss!
  • The Skyzo LoL Cup will be held in Quebec City at the well known “Le Skyzo” Game Center in Quebec City on March 17. This is going to be the final tournament and only 8 teams will be able to partake in it and will be the very last chance for teams to qualify. Keep your eyes on their Facebook Page for details!

Each team that enters the finals at one of these 4 tournaments will get their shot at the finals and the title of ‘Ultimate Quebec League of Legends Team’. We can’t reveal all the details just yet, but what we can say is we’re excited to prove ourselves to the community with this event. You can expect top notch production, world-class casting in both English and French, and of course, super-charged League of Legends action with Quebec’s best.

Get your team together and dust off your keyboards. This is your chance, Quebec. Show us who is the ultimate Quebec League of Legends team. Show us why Quebec is the next eSports giant and make us proud!

Bonjour le Québec! Les prochains mois seront très excitants pour la scène eSport québécoise. La recherche de l’Ultime Équipe de League of Legends du Québec est terminée! CyberActiv est fier d’annoncer sa première étape dans les tournois de niveau international avec notre plus récente initiative, League of Legends – Quebec Attack, ou plus simplement, LoL-QAT!            

LoL-QAT (prononcé LOLCAT, comme les chats favoris de tous), est une compétition conçue pour la promotion des sports électroniques et leurs communautés au Québec. Ce qu’il y a d’intéressant à propos de LoL-QAT est que le tournoi ne sera pas restreint à une seule fin de semaine. Nous nous sommes associés avec les 4 tournois les plus connus au Québec pour les 2 prochains mois; ceux-ci serviront de qualifications. Grâce à ce système, nous ferons en sorte que les 8 meilleures équipes – la crème de la crème – de la scène eSport québécoise compétitionneront lors de la Grande Finale LoL-QAT Hiver 2013. Nous voulons être sûrs que la finale sera le meilleur spectacle que le Québec aura à offrir, si ce n’est le meilleur au Canada. Plus de détails sur le tout très bientôt!

Vous voulez vous qualifier pour la finale? C’est simple, nous nous sommes assuré que vous aurez tous les meilleures chances et l’occasion de vous qualifier au moins 2 fois. En voici un aperçu :

  • Le QcLoL.net QCHebdo est un tournoi qui aura lieu le 10 février, avec un minimum de 15 équipes. Rendez-vous sur http://qclol.net pour tous les détails!
  • V-LAN, qui est aussi un partenaire de CyberActiv, se tiendra à Victoriaville du 15 au 17 février. Avec plus de 20 équipes et plus de 2000 $ en prix à gagner, c’est le 2e plus gros événement LoL au Canada et vous ne pouvez pas le manquer, que ce soit pour le plaisir ou pour la compétition de haut niveau. Pour tous les détails, lisez la page Facebook de l’événement ICI et cliquez sur J’aime pour les événements à venir.
  • Qui n’a pas entendu parler du seul et unique Lan ETS? Les 1-2-3 mars, le plus gros LAN de l’année de la côte est canadienne et nord-américaine aura lieu. Cette année, près de 1000 joueurs s’affronteront lors des différents tournois et plus de 250 d’entre eux uniquement pour League of Legends. Préparez-vous à toute une compétition, c’est réellement quelque chose que vous ne voudrez pas manquer!
  • La Skyzo Cup LoL se tiendra dans la ville de Québec au centre de jeux très connu, « Le Skyzo », le 17 mars. Ce sera le tournoi final, seulement 8 équipes auront l’opportunité d’y participer et ce sera la dernière chance pour les équipes de se qualifier. Gardez les yeux sur leur PAGE Facebook pour les détails!

Chaque équipe qui participera aux finales de l’un des 4 tournois mentionnés précédemment aura la chance de participer à la Grande Finale et tentera se s’emparer du titre d’« Ultime Équipe de League of Legends du Québec ». Nous ne pouvons vous révéler tous les détails maintenant, mais ce que nous pouvons vous dire c’est que nous avons hâte de vous montrer notre savoir-faire avec cet événement. Vous pouvez vous attendre à une production de haut niveau, des commentateurs en français et en anglais de niveau mondial et, bien sûr, du League of Legends québécois à son meilleur.

Rassemblez vos équipes et dépoussiérez vos claviers. Ceci est votre chance, Québec. Montrez-nous qui est l’ultime équipe de League of Legends du Québec. Montrez-nous pourquoi le Québec est le prochain géant du eSport et rendez-nous fiers!

Announcing Electronic Sports Montreal

25 Jan 2013 2 Comments Tags: ,

Version Francaise Ci-bas

Today, we are pleased to announce a revamp of Montreal’s eSports scene. While Starcraft used to be the main eSports titan, the scene has grown to encompass more players and more games. CyberActiv recognizes this, and we’re expanding our efforts to better serve this changing community.

From now on, we will be hosting Barcraft-style events for other eSports, including League of Legends, DotA 2 and Street Fighter. For those who have never been to a Barcraft or a similar event, the idea behind a Barcraft is to rent out a local bar or club to stream live tournaments. This way, you and a couple of friends can head down to the pub on an MLG weekend and share your passion with other people who love your game just as much as you. In addition to the social experience, we’ll also provide themed drinks and maybe even contests and giveaways.

To reflect these new changes, we are announcing a new program: Electronic Sports Montreal. The ESM team will be responsible for both hosting and promoting these events for all eSports. In addition, we will be advertising these events on our website and on the brand-new Electronic Sports Montreal fanpage on facebook. We also have plans to create an open group in which people can discuss the events, as well as contribute their own ideas and feedback.

Existing organisations and tournaments are invited to collaborate and use the ESM page to advertise and discuss their own events. In this way, different organizers can work together to make scene grow bigger and better than ever before. Great events are rare. We can all work to change this and get more done compared to being on our own. It’s time to give smaller LAN parties some visibility.

As always, CyberActiv is excited to provide you guys with these events, and feel free to contact us with any ideas you have to expand the eSports scene. Happy gaming!

Links : The FanPage | The Discussion Group | The Reddit | The Twitter

Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer la refonte de Barcraft Montréal et de la scène eSports de Montréal. Bien que Starcraft en a longtemps été le géant, celle-ci englobe maintenant de plus en plus de jeux vidéos. CyberActiv le reconnaît et nous augmentons nos efforts pour mieux servir cette communauté en constante évolution.

À partir d’aujourd’hui, nous produirons des évènements dans le style Barcraft pour d’autres jeux tel que League of Legends, Dota 2 et Street Fighter. Pour ceux qui n’ont jamais vécu un Barcraft ou un évènement similaire, l’idée derrière un Barcraft est de louer un endroit, un bar ou un club, et de diffuser en continu des tournois. De cette façon, vous et vos amis pouvez vous rendre au pub pendant une fin de semaine de MLG et partager votre passion avec d’autres fans. En plus de l’échange social, nous offrirons des drinks thématiques et peut-être même des concours et des prix à gagner.

Pour refléter ces changements, nous annonçons un nouveau programme : Electronic Sports Montreal. L’équipe d’ESM sera responsable de la production et la promotion de ces futurs évènements d’eSports. De plus, nous promouvrons ces évènements sur notre site et sur la toute nouvelle page d’Electronic Sports Montreal sur Facebook. Nous voulons aussi créer un groupe où vous pourrez discuter des évènements, ainsi que partager vos idées et vos réactions.

Dans un avenir certain, les organisations et tournois existants seront invités à collaborer et à utiliser la page ESM pour afficher et discuter leurs prochains évènements. Nous croyons que la scène du eSport prendra plus d’envergure de cette façon. Les bons évènements sont rares et peu nombreux, et nous voulons qu’il soit plus facile pour les plus petits d’entre eux de s’afficher. Il est temps de donner une meilleure visibilité aux plus petits LANs.

Comme toujours, CyberActiv est heureux de vous fournir ces évènements. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter et à nous faire parvenir vos idées pour aider la scène du eSport à se développer. Bon gaming!

Les Liens : La FanPage | Le Groupe de Discussion | Le Reddit | Le Twitter

eSports invade Canada and CyberActiv answers the call!

11 Jul 2012 Comments
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As you might already know, on the weekend of July 14th and 15th, the NASL Season 3 finals will be occuring in a different Ontario than previous seasons. More precisely in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! As our new slogan says, we are here to empower eSports, especially throughout Canada. And as part of our burning desire to help foster the Canadian eSports scene, we felt compelled to participate in this landmark event!

Therefore, we reached out to the NASL and they wholteheartedly agreed to have us on board of what will be known as a stepping stone for Canadian eSports. As part of our effort, CyberActiv members will be on site to help our with the logistics and volunteer coordination. Our multi-year experience with LAN Parties and events such as these will enable us to give top notch help to the NASL team. We are extremely proud that the NASL chose to invite the Canadian Community to produce this quality event.

Through our extensive knowledge of LAN events, existing partnerships and leadership abilities, CyberActiv was able to create a strong synergetic bond between our partners and friends to come up with solutions that would secure an elevated level of productions and security for our southern visitors. Thanks to Team Killing Spree for letting us borrow their excellent casters, Kadium(FB) and Elemental(FB), we will be able to run the world’s first french on-site stream for an international league. While our partners, E-Sports Canada and the Interceptor Group, 2 power-house eSports Toronto partners, worked in the shadows with us, they are proving to be instrumental in making sure the need in people and hardware are met. You can thank them in advance for the sick volunteer work!

Over the course of the weekend, we feel that CyberActiv’s influence will shine throughout the on-site production value and the NASL French stream. We hope that everybody has a great time as this is one of the best occasions to meet the leaders of this industry and CyberActiv’s core team. If you see us with CyberActiv shirts or caps, don’t hesitate to talk to us!

The NASL had this to say about our implication :
“We couldn’t be happier with the service and dedication CyberActiv has given to us in preparation for and execution of our Grand Finals in Toronto. They are a solid partner.” -Mark Brown, COO, NASL

ABOUT North American Star League

The North American Star league was established to foster the prominence of esports and professional Starcraft 2 play in North America through highly visible organized and invigorating competition.

ABOUT CyberActiv Productions Inc

CyberActiv is a company that provide services toward event consultation, sponsorship and production. CyberActiv has one mission, which is to help develop a strong scene around digital culture, which is eSports, cultural events that pertain about Internet content and the digital arts. CyberActiv helps companies and events deliver on bigger and broader events throughout their entire lifecycle, from planning through post-production.

Announcing the SC2WCS Canadian Initiative western extension!

13 Jun 2012 Comments
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CyberActiv is proud to extend the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series Canadian initiative with a late addition! Blizzard was kind enough to provide CyberActiv an additionnal slot for our friends out west. In the last 2 months, we did our best to get a very last spot for the finals(yes, last, we promise!) for the western part of Canada.

It is with great pleasure that CyberActiv announces that LANcouver has been selected as an official qualifier for the WCS Canadian qualifier. Next June 29 will be the biggest LAN in Vancouver for a while and we felt that they would do an awesome job and we know that they will have a stacked tournament that will prove to the rest of Canada that western starcraft 2 players belong in the Canadian pro scene! This is the best opportunity that BC-based gamers will have to qualify for the WCS Canadian finals in Toronto. Once again, included in the prize is also travel and lodging, offered by Blizzard!

We can’t wait to see the brackets and players that will participate! We keep hearing that there is so many great players out west and we know that all you need is a chance! Despite having a great showing at the CyberActiv Second Chance qualifier, maybe vVvHasuu will win himself a spot? Maybe a relatively unknown player will earn himself his cinderala’s story.

So if you are a local BC player and want to take your shot, head over to http://www.lancouver.com/ and get your tickets as soon as possible because June 29 is coming and places are limited!