eSports invade Canada and CyberActiv answers the call!

11 Jul 2012 Comments
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As you might already know, on the weekend of July 14th and 15th, the NASL Season 3 finals will be occuring in a different Ontario than previous seasons. More precisely in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! As our new slogan says, we are here to empower eSports, especially throughout Canada. And as part of our burning desire to help foster the Canadian eSports scene, we felt compelled to participate in this landmark event!

Therefore, we reached out to the NASL and they wholteheartedly agreed to have us on board of what will be known as a stepping stone for Canadian eSports. As part of our effort, CyberActiv members will be on site to help our with the logistics and volunteer coordination. Our multi-year experience with LAN Parties and events such as these will enable us to give top notch help to the NASL team. We are extremely proud that the NASL chose to invite the Canadian Community to produce this quality event.

Through our extensive knowledge of LAN events, existing partnerships and leadership abilities, CyberActiv was able to create a strong synergetic bond between our partners and friends to come up with solutions that would secure an elevated level of productions and security for our southern visitors. Thanks to Team Killing Spree for letting us borrow their excellent casters, Kadium(FB) and Elemental(FB), we will be able to run the world’s first french on-site stream for an international league. While our partners, E-Sports Canada and the Interceptor Group, 2 power-house eSports Toronto partners, worked in the shadows with us, they are proving to be instrumental in making sure the need in people and hardware are met. You can thank them in advance for the sick volunteer work!

Over the course of the weekend, we feel that CyberActiv’s influence will shine throughout the on-site production value and the NASL French stream. We hope that everybody has a great time as this is one of the best occasions to meet the leaders of this industry and CyberActiv’s core team. If you see us with CyberActiv shirts or caps, don’t hesitate to talk to us!

The NASL had this to say about our implication :
“We couldn’t be happier with the service and dedication CyberActiv has given to us in preparation for and execution of our Grand Finals in Toronto. They are a solid partner.” -Mark Brown, COO, NASL

ABOUT North American Star League

The North American Star league was established to foster the prominence of esports and professional Starcraft 2 play in North America through highly visible organized and invigorating competition.

ABOUT CyberActiv Productions Inc

CyberActiv is a company that provide services toward event consultation, sponsorship and production. CyberActiv has one mission, which is to help develop a strong scene around digital culture, which is eSports, cultural events that pertain about Internet content and the digital arts. CyberActiv helps companies and events deliver on bigger and broader events throughout their entire lifecycle, from planning through post-production.

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