The CyberActiv WCS Canadian Initiative has come to an end

06 Jun 2012 Comments
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This day marks the end of the CyberActiv WCS Canadian Qualifiers initiative. We, at CyberActiv, are proud to show Blizzard the immense support you gave us, fellow Canadians. We are proud to show off that this country has a thriving eSports community in it’s roots and that we can only grow from here. And we are also proud to have worked with gamers and organisations throughout this beautiful country.

Throughout the last month 2 months, CyberActiv was able to crown 8 up and coming players. These players were able to prove that they are better that their fellow countrymen in 3 LAN events and 3 online competitions. These 8 qualified players have their work cut out for them. They will have to beat international-level players of the like of Huk, Scarlett, jEcho and Drewbie at the Canadian Finals.

Here are your 8 winners and representants :

  • TD.Attero, from the SC2QC Online Qualifier
  • LgNKane, from BaseLAN 23 in Winnipeg
  • xOZergling, from BaseLAN 23 in Winnipeg
  • Nezi, from the Interceptor Group LAN in Toronto
  • Fuzzy, from the Team Killing Spree Online qualifier
  • IVNJakeBake, from the Skyzo Cup Special WCS LAN in Quebec City
  • colRyze, from the CyberActiv Second Chance Online qualifiers
  • iMpMagic, from the CyberActiv Second Chance Online qualifiers

Congratulations again to these 8! Make us proud at the National Finals, on July 14-15, at the NASL finals in Toronto. If you happen to see our mugs in Toronto on that weekend, feel free to give us a hand shake! Our totally awesome mugshots are on our site’s about us section .

To conclude, this initative has been nothing short of amazing for everybody involved. New partnerships were made, new future events were created, new casters were brought forward and a ton of awesome possibilities for eSports were proposed. We look forward with working again with all the eSports Heroes of the country.

For the future! For Canada! And first and foremost, FOR eSPORTS!
CyberActiv, Digital Life in Motion.
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