Announcing the SC2WCS Canadian Initiative western extension!

13 Jun 2012 Comments
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CyberActiv is proud to extend the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series Canadian initiative with a late addition! Blizzard was kind enough to provide CyberActiv an additionnal slot for our friends out west. In the last 2 months, we did our best to get a very last spot for the finals(yes, last, we promise!) for the western part of Canada.

It is with great pleasure that CyberActiv announces that LANcouver has been selected as an official qualifier for the WCS Canadian qualifier. Next June 29 will be the biggest LAN in Vancouver for a while and we felt that they would do an awesome job and we know that they will have a stacked tournament that will prove to the rest of Canada that western starcraft 2 players belong in the Canadian pro scene! This is the best opportunity that BC-based gamers will have to qualify for the WCS Canadian finals in Toronto. Once again, included in the prize is also travel and lodging, offered by Blizzard!

We can’t wait to see the brackets and players that will participate! We keep hearing that there is so many great players out west and we know that all you need is a chance! Despite having a great showing at the CyberActiv Second Chance qualifier, maybe vVvHasuu will win himself a spot? Maybe a relatively unknown player will earn himself his cinderala’s story.

So if you are a local BC player and want to take your shot, head over to and get your tickets as soon as possible because June 29 is coming and places are limited!

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